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Giving you the versatility to train for the demands of life with symmetrical and asymmetrical forces. 


Improve tissue mobility and strength

By generating asymmetrical torque on the body TriForce engages the proprioceptors and improves tissue resiliency, mobility, and strength.

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Reduce injuries

Creates variability for cross training to help decrease overuse injuries.



Improve performance

TriForce gives you the power to help your athletes adapt and prepare for the challenges they encounter.

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TriForce Demonstration Videos

The what, how, why, and who for TriForce training.
A series of Beginner TriForce movements for load variability.
A sequence of a intermediate exercise progressions for TriForce users.
A series of advanced movements for those who TriForce.

See what others are saying about TriForce

Rehabilitation and training tools are designed to facilitate the proper chain reaction to enhance the movement and ultimately the lives of our patients and clients. The TriForce is the most versatile tool available to allow us to create loads and reactions that no other tool has the capability of doing. Therefore, if your goal is to facilitate authentic function, and to ultimately provide the body with every opportunity for success, effectiveness and efficiency, the TriForce is a must have.
— Dr. Gary Gray PT, FAFS
I love the TriForce for the ability to use it during “Warding Patterns” with athletes to teach the ability to maintain tension while locomoting. Also, I find that the TriForce is a good tool for distal deceleration training for golf, baseball, and other “swinging” sports. The asymmetrical load design allows for a variable load in many critical movements for performance.
— Logan Schwartz MEd., CSCS, FAFS, FMR, NG360° GPS
-Director of Programming at Your Trainer, Inc.
-Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach for The University of Texas at Austin (2007-2015)
TriForce loads the body in all three planes of motion. The variety of hand-holds including standard, intrinsic, c-grip, and pinch grip help to improve strength and endurance in my patients in ways no other tool can.
— Andrea D., Occupational Therapist, Certified in Applied Functional Science
With the TriForce, I can help my athletes synergistically engage muscles in purposeful movement patterns to gain a competitive edge.
— Wyatt B., Physical Therapist, Fellow of Applied Functional Science
TriForce allows my athletes to load in ways which improve hip and thoracic rotation to improve their golf swing, hammer throw, and discus throw.
— John D., CSCS, Nike Golf Performance Specialist, Fellow on Applied Functional Science

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