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People of all ages who want to improve mobility, balance, strength, power, agility, endurance, coordination, and proprioception can use TriForce in countless ways to achieve their goals. TriForce enables you to succeed in achieving your fitness and wellness goals to better prepare yourself for the variability of life.

Know the proprioceptors and you will know how to improve the success of your patients and clients.

"A functional mindset goes on to emphasize the importance of tweaking movements from safety (also known as successful) in manners that are safe (also known as small, subtle changes) to enhance the safety (also known as expanding the threshold of movement) to not only recreate the biomechanics of the task, but to ultimately create a “Buffer Zone” within the task for even more safety."

"Training and rehabilitation programs must include (rather than avoid) movements that work joints near / at the end of range. Instead, then, of keeping the knee over the middle of the foot (not functional), movements must purposely promote a functional amount of valgus. Allowing all joints to work near the end of range is not a threat to safety if the movements are based on success and properly tweaked."
- Proprioceptors Series Part 3 - #2s, Tweaks, & Golgi-Mazzoni Corpuscles @

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Like bones responding and adapting to loads through Wolff’s Law, we can look to Davis’s Law to improve the tensile strength of ligaments and tendons by gradually increasing the mechanical loads placed on them. Therefore three dimensional loading will help improve the resilience of those tissues and may help the individual decrease the likelihood of soft tissue injuries. 

Proprioceptors Series Part 5 – Humor, Expectations, & Golgi Ligament Endings @

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Engage you proprioceptors with TriForce loaded 3DMAPS

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