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We developed TriForce to provide the fitness and rehabilitation industries with one device versatile enough to challenge the body via 3-Dimensional functional tasks in both individual and group settings. Its multiple hand holds and ability to be used on the ground, in the air, against a wall, with resistance, and loaded both symmetrically and asymmetrically with weight make TriForce both unique and functional.

What others are saying about TriForce

As a physical therapist, I have always been drawn to checking out new tools and toys. There are a lot of them in the industry, some better than others. The TriForce definitely has had some thought put into it. As an outpatient physical therapist with training in Applied Functional Science, I am constantly trying to make exercises and activities very stimulating to my patients while minding the functional gap. If a tool can lead to a rich in-clinic experience while maximizing the functional carryover for the patient then it is worth its weight in gold.

We have a pair of TriForce units in clinic and we have used them to replicate splitting mauls for woodcutting, shotguns for bird hunters, dance partners, wrestling opponents…the list goes on. Patients usually go from “what the heck is that thing” to “well, that was fun” in a matter of a few seconds. Smiles abound. In the rehab setting, I love that I can use low amounts of weight for training to minimize tissue risk, but while maximizing benefit due to the leverage the TriForce can give those low weights. Lastly, if you are trained in how to apply Functional Manual Reaction and can create your setup, the TriForce essentially does the FMR for you.

It is the most frequently used tool in our clinic and my patients teach me something new every time they use it.

John Rugotzke, PT, DPT, OCS, FAFS, FMR, CAFS
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board Certified Specialist in Orthopaedics
Fellow of Applied Functional Science
Functional Manual Reaction Certified
Trigger Point Dry Needling Certified